Content Management System - Drupal

Edit content by yourself

You are planning to publish new content such as downloads, news, events or picture galleries on your website? A CMS offers the possibility to manage texts and files with the simplest means.


The buzzword CMS - Content Management System (CMS) describes the underlying system of a website that helps to create, process and organize contents in a way that becomes almost self-explanatory. As an editor, you have the option of making changes without any knowing of programming languages. After creating your website, which has been equipped with a CMS, you will receive a username and password. Just enter your login data and your website proverbially presents itself from the "back". This area is often called the "backend". By using this this interface, the pre-created content can now be easily structured via text inputs and mouse clicks. The advantages of such a programmed "backend" are the separation of content and technology, the ease of extensibility and as described above fast and easy editing of your content.


You have a team of user that should be able to make changes to your website with different user roles and permissions? This request can also be implemented. Together we will develop the right system that will help you to use your website simple and reliable.