Cinegeek - Berlin

Social Network, Video Library, Bar & Event Location

The content of the website is about what's happening in and around the Berlin cult bar "Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo". The website mainly offers visitors classic social network functions, such as a login backend, commenting and liking of content, submitting of film proposals, and much more.

In addition you will find news and events as well as various other channels of the video library, such as Facebook, Instagramm & Co..

Requirements of the customer
  • New design for desktops, smartphones & tablets
  • Technical implementation of the design in a Content Management System (Drupal)
  • Publication of news and events
  • Login for movie geeks
  • Social network functions (commenting and liking of content, submitting of film suggestions, etc.)
  • Advanced search functionality (autosuggest, sorting and filtering options)
  • Onpage search engine optimization
  • Photo Editing
  • Opportunities for quick and easy contact
Cinegeek Berlin
Technical & conceptual implementation
  • Webdesign in Sketch & Adobe Photoshop
  • CMS Drupal
  • Parallax scrolling effects
  • Flexible placement of content via Drupal Paragraphs
  • Responsive webdesign (Gulp, SASS, jQuery, Bootstrap)​​​​​​
Cinegeek Berlin